RSPCA Beds North otherwise known as the RSPCA Bedfordshire North is a local charity with poor management. Whilst we support the work of the RSPCA itself, this small branch has run up endless debts and then refused to pay them, leaving volunteers to pick up the pieces.  Animal welfare, cruelty and neglect, but don't support this local branch.
RSPCA Bedfordshire North Website suspended Reason: Refusal to pay agreed website & email hosting fees.
RSPCA Bedfordshire NorthWebsite suspendedReason: Refusal to pay agreed website & email hosting fees.  

Management at the local branch of the RSPCA decided not to pay their outstanding invoices.  These were agreed by the Trustees and Management and bills were run up with third party providers for website and email hosting.  We feel that it is morally wrong for the local office of the RSPCA to make us pay their bills.  Such action is despicable in our books and despite legal threats to take this site down, we will not until they pay what is owed. As volunteers, we have given a lot of our time to this Charity and to be rewarded in this way is unjust.

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